While they are not cells, exosomes play a crucial role with aiding in the repair of cells in the body. This is accomplished by exosomes aiding cells by increasing their communication between each other. Cells rely on communication in their natural process of healing. However chronic diseases, genetic disorders, and even aging are all things that can weaken this communication. Because of the key role they play in the communication between exosomes are critically important to the body’s ability to repair itself.

Exosomes Explained

Exosomes, sometimes called small bubbles or extracellular vesicles, are typically released from stem cells and act as transporters. The cargo they carry between cells is genetic data and is used to propagate this data throughout the entire body. This data typically carries simplistic instructions, telling each cell how to react.

Exosome Therapy Explained

Scientific research has provided valuable information into the practical functionality of exosomes. By bringing together old cells from an older organism and young cells of a younger organism, exosomes help revitalize older cells in the younger organism. This strategy has become so effective; it has become a common method in the field of regenerative medicine to combat degenerative diseases. These types of diseases are known to come from progressively deteriorating cells that in turn cause organs to fail. While stem cells help with cellular rejuvenation, there are external factors that present problems for them, making them incapable of carrying out their task. Enter exosomes, who support stems sells by helping them overcome these external factors and aid in the healing process.

How It Works



During an in-office appointment, as a form of regenerating treatment, Exosomes are directly injected into the affected location.


The injection strengthens the communication of cells, enables hundreds of cell growth factors, and enhances proteins to stimulate quicker healing and reduce inflammation.


While there may be soreness, redness, and/or discomfort at the area of injection for a few days; patients typically resume their usual daily activities. Results may vary from patient to patient and the medical treatment plan devised by the doctor.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Exosomes

Any Know Side Effects?

As the therapy is usually performed relatively quickly and in an out-patient arrangement, most leave the clinic without any downtime needed to rest and recuperate. Some have reported experiencing headaches, nausea, mild fever, or vomiting but the amount of these reports are for the most part, minor. Nevertheless; these adverse effects have never exceeded three days with most of them resolving within 24 hours. Aside from these side-effects, there have been no long-term side-effects reported after treatment.

Between Stem Cells And Exosomes, Which Is Safer?

Both exosomes and stem cells have their role and purpose in any treatment plan. As such, choosing between them entirely depends on the goal your doctor is aiming for and the ailment they are trying to treat. In either case however, both methods are entirely safe although exosomes therapy might have a lower risk of developing complications due to it not needing a surgical procedure.

When Can The Patient resume physical Activity?

To have an optimal response and benefit from exosome therapy, we advise the following:

  • Avoid anti-inflammatory medication
  • Avoid stressful activity within the first 48 hours
  • Start cardio workouts after four weeks

Are All Exosome Therapy the Same for Every Patient?

There are various types of Exosomes and there is also a general standard exosome solution gotten from placental derived mesenchymal stem cells. Ideally, one’s doctor would determine if individualizing your treatment is best.

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