The world of sports progresses more with each day that passes, existing more and more athletes, both professionals and amateurs, who make sure of practicing them in the safest way possible. However, there is always the risk of developing a pathology in the musculoskeletal area. Luckily, nowadays, the use of stem cell therapy in sports medicine is gaining more and more attention.

We at Dr. Nash´s Progressive Pain and Rehabilitation, LLC are committed to providing preventative and regenerative care to athletes suffering from musculoskeletal conditions through stem cell therapy thanks to the experience of experts such as Dr. Edward A. Nash, a Houston native with deep roots in the community.

In recent years, the regenerative capacity of stem cell therapy has shown an extraordinary impulse in the treatment of certain pathologies belonging to the musculoskeletal apparatus, representing a fascinating and evolutional therapeutic approach based on the principle of replacing the damaged cells of the organism with healthy ones that belong to the same organism.

These technological advances have allowed changing the mentality of health professionals who, instead of treating only the symptoms, line of thoughts that is still followed by certain clinicians, are now dedicated to fundamentally alter the pathological processes at a molecular level.

The use of stem cells has been of so much use in the treatment of a major variety of sports injuries, including arthrosis in joints, patellar chondropathies, osteochondritis, tendinitis and partial tendon ruptures, fibrillary muscular ruptures, among others. This is mainly due to some important benefits provided by the therapy, which include:

  • Its capacity of accelerating cicatrization, which makes the athlete return to the daily activities in the shortest possible time.
  • Its use in sports medicine avoids surgical interventions and its long periods of rehabilitation, limiting damage and increasing the chances of positive outcomes.
  • Its application can be repeated as many times as possible without provoking any negative consequences in the patient, unlike many of the present medication indicated for the treatment of the same pathologies.

Besides, over the years, the use of stem cells has become increasingly safe and accurate due to the advances related to imaging technology, being capable of providing real-time monitoring of its application and evolution at the site of injury. With this in mind, it remains very clear that this therapeutic option is a lifesaver when it comes to sports medicine.

By scheduling an appointment with us over at Dr. Nash´s Progressive Pain and Rehabilitation, LLC, we can make you return to your daily activities in the shortest possible time through stem cell therapy, so you can avoid more invasive and risky interventions and its long periods of recovery.

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