100% Pure Amniotic Fluid

Recently, the fantastic benefits of amniotic fluid (AF) have been discovered by physicians and scientists as a great alternative to surgery and pain treatment. Amniotic fluid possesses no living amniotic fluids but it does contain an extensive array of many other regenerative components and molecules which increase your body’s self-repair ability.

Amniotic fluid is obtained from consenting, healthy mothers scheduled to undergo caesarean sections. The collection of amniotic fluid from these pregnant moms doesn’t in any way affect the baby, the mother, or the delivery process and once donated, it is processed, screened, sterilized, and finally frozen. This fluid is rich in growth factors, beneficial structural proteins like cytokines, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and many other nutrients proven to have the ability to aid tissue regeneration, enhance cellular repair, and reduce inflammation.

Amniotic fluid is considered “immunologically privileged” because it doesn’t exhibit an immune reaction like rejection. This makes it possible to be injected with amniotic fluid without any need for blood type matching.

How It Works



During an in-office appointment, amniotic fluid is injected into the affected area. Ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance is frequently used to ensure precise delivery.


The injection activates hundreds of growth factors, collagen, and proteins to stimulate healing and reduce inflammation. The high concentration of hyaluronic acid in the fluid also protects joints by providing cushioning and lubrication.


Some localized soreness, redness and discomfort at the site of injection may be felt for a few days but patients can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. Results are dependent on each individual patient and your doctor's treatment plan.

Four Things to Know About Amniotic Fluid

Below are four things needed to know about this excellent gift of nature; amniotic fluid:

  1. Pure amniotic fluid is a potent liquid. Amniotic fluids not only protect the developing baby in the mother’s womb, but it is also rich in nutrients, proteins, and growth factors that support and enhances human healing.
  2. Amniotic fluid injection is the first sterile processed amniotic product offered by therapeutic applications. The injection contains more than 200 cytokines, growth factors, and other active peptides which is beneficial for regenerative tissue repair.
  3. A pure amniotic fluid injection holds an excellent array of regenerative factors; there isn’t any dead tissue, live amniotic fluids, or debris in it. This is because the FDA currently doesn’t allow live amniotic fluids to be found in any product based on amniotic fluid. The idea of using amniotic fluid in treating pain is to equip your body to heal itself by employing your body cells to carry out the work.
  4. All pure amniotic fluid products are obtained from 100% volunteered and pre-screened healthy donors who have been extensively checked for disease. Amniotic fluid is procured during full-term cesarean births; an excellent gift coming from the blessing of life.

Benefits of Amniotic Fluid

Amniotic fluid has impressive clinical benefits and they’re:

  • Non-steroidal and safe alternative to surgery
  • Natural and drug-free
  • Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory
  • Contains over 200 growth factors
  • Speeds up recovery time

Amniotic fluid is an acellular, next-generation, unadulterated product which retains more than 200 bioactive growth factors. It is 361 compliant and possesses a maximized volume of naturally materializing hyaluronic acid. At Progressive Pain and Rehabilitation, we use pure amniotic fluid which is injectable via a small needed without the comfort of the patient being compromised.