Caring for Veterans

We are grateful for the soldiers in our armed forces who bravely defend freedom globally. We at Progressive Pain & Rehabilitation honor our veterans by giving them the care they need and deserve. Dr. Ed Nash and team proudly care for many veterans in the Houston and surrounding areas. If you are a veteran, we look forward to serving you and making your care our top priority.
We Gladly Accept In-Network Benefits for Tricare Prime and Tricare Select Through Humana Military 

Veterans utilizing veteran benefits through Tricare are able to receive expert diagnosis and customized treatment plans by Dr. Ed Nash at Progressive Pain & Rehabilitation located in The Woodlands, Texas.

Dr. Nash Supports The Troops

Are you a veteran located in Texas?
In need of a pain relief expert who is dedicated to improving your health and quality of life? 

If the above applies to you or another veteran that you know, you will be pleased to find the care and respect you deserve by a doctor who proudly supports the troops.

Dr. Nash has been caring for veterans in his state-of-the-art medical office for over seventeen years. He has treated a wide variety of injuries and conditions plaguing our veterans.
With compassionate care, Dr. Nash believes in treating the whole person and not just the symptom. Leveraging a suite of innovative treatment options, he will customize a plan of care to help eliminate your chronic pain and injury.

Services Dr. Nash Provides

To begin with, Dr. Nash and the team extends our most sincere support and thanks for our military personnel.
Your courageous actions out there on the front lines keep us safe and free, and for that we cherish and thank you all. Being on the frontlines is no laughing matter. The trials, tribulations and stressful situations one goes through during their time in active duty can leave the body in an unhealthy condition, yet Dr. Nash will gladly help those who have suffered under these conditions.

Are you suffering from back pain? Are you suffering from hip pain? Maybe shoulder pain or knee pain? What about neck, arm, and/or leg pains?

Don’t worry, Dr. Nash takes excellent care of our veterans and provides innovative methods of recovery. We proudly accept Tricare (Tricare Prime and Tricare Select Through Humana Military) and look forward to helping you find lasting pain relief.

How To Set Up An Appointment

Do you have veteran’s benefits through Tricare? Are you tired of dealing with constant pain that makes daily activities difficult?  Are you ready to feel better in your body and experience an enjoyable quality of life again?

If you are interested in the pain relief services provided by Dr. Ed Nash, you may find more information on our website at If you are ready to make an appointment or have questions, please call our office at 346-220-8063 or request an appointment online here.

Welcome Veterans! We Are Honored to Care For You!