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Your brain is your most important organ. It serves as the center of your nervous system, controlling every movement, thought, emotion, and function that occurs in your body. But did you know that unhealthy brain function could be causing your symptoms? Understanding the way your brain functions can be especially important when trying to diagnose and treat disorders related to: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Head injury 
  • Attention issues 
  • Pain 
  • Depressed mood
  • Sleep issues 
  • Memory loss 
  • Stress 

Many disorders can be readily treated and symptoms reversed. The key is an early and accurate diagnosis. Discover what the brain is hiding to understand the root cause of your symptoms.


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The eVox System is a Class Il medical device that has received Section 510(K) clearance from the FDA. It is intended for the acquisition, display, and storage, of electrical activity of a patient’s brain including electroencephalograph (EEG) and event-related potentials (ERP) obtained by placing two or more electrodes on the head to aid in diagnosis. The eVox System has the added capability to be used as a biofeedback device, where such an intervention is indicated.


Designed to decode your brain.

Sometimes, finding the right diagnosis can be a challenge. The same symptom can mean many different things. For example, a recent onset of forgetfulness could be related to a thyroid disorder, a vitamin deficiency, chronic stress, or the beginning of cognitive decline. The secret to understanding the root cause of your symptoms lies in the way your brain is functioning.


How the eVox Brain Map works.

The eVox Brain Map uses electroencephalography, commonly called EEG, and event-related potentials (ERPs), to evaluate how your brain functions. During the test, you will wear an EEG cap similar to a swim cap. You then complete a series of simple exercises on the computer while your brain activity is recorded.


Frequently asked questions about eVox.

Is the eVox Brain Map painful? No! The eVox Brain Map is not painful and is non invasive, which means that nothing is entering your body or piercing your skin.
How long does it take? Mapping your brain only takes about 45 minutes in your doctor’s office – no specialist referral needed!

The eVox Brain Map is a test that’s designed to help your doctor decode the way your brain works. Just Like a physician takes your pulse to evaluate your heart function, the eVox Brain Map makes it possible for your physician to measure your brain’s flow of electrical energy and better understand what may be causing your symptoms.

The resulting eVox report identifies research-backed brain biomarkers that may help your doctor develop a more accurate and timely diagnosis, which means a more personalized intervention to get your health back on track.

Is the eVox Brain Map covered by insurance? In many cases, the eVox Brain Map assessment is covered by Medicare and commercial insurance. In some cases, having your doctor verify benefits will help confirm your coverage.

Advanced brain assessment with the eVox system

Designed to help create your personalized care plan

During the simple and painless test, you will wear an electroencephalography (EEG) cap, similar to a swim cap.

Your brainwave data is recorded during simple computer exercises.

Your eVox system report and brain map will help your physician develop a care plan that optimizes your brain function.

Understanding and maintaining your brain function can help manage specific issues, such as:


Memory loss and cognitive impairment affect up to
1 in 5 mature adults*


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