Horizontal Therapy

Is Horizontal Therapy Effective for Treating Pain?

The FDA has approved horizontal therapy for some painful conditions, also many research studies currently ongoing to support the therapeutic efficacy of horizontal therapy. This technology has been designed for health experts in the field of pain management and neuropathy. This device produces and delivers biological, electronically effective signals that can be utilized to heal the nerves without being invasive.

How Safe is Horizontal Therapy?

Bioelectrical currents utilized in Horizontal therapy are very safe. These bioelectrical currents have been extensively tested and passed all standards needed for biomedical devices. Bioelectrical currents are most times not felt, or they’re painless. Our health experts are experienced in treating pain by using the most advanced industry proven medical technologies. We are focused on treating your painful condition, and not its symptoms.

How Does Horizontal Therapy fit into my total therapy regimen?

Instant Pain Relief – Similar to pharmaceutical based pain medications, Horizontal Therapy can provide immediate, temporary pain relief to the patient.
Improves the Condition – Through successive treatments, Horizontal Therapy acts on the cause of the condition to provide improvement and deliver long -term pain relief.
Rehabilitates Muscles – Horizontal Therapy can strengthen muscles in patients that have not been active due to a painful condition.
Provides Maintenance Therapy – Sometimes a patient’s condition is so severe that the ultimate goal of therapy is to decrease pain to a manageable level. Follow-up treatments that can sustain an achieved improvement in a patient’s condition.
Effective Clinical Usage for: Back Pain, Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Sciatic Pain, Foot Pain, Osteoarthritis Shoulder Pain, Post -Op Pain, Complex Chronic Pain, Muscle Re-education Nerve Stimulation, Relax Muscle Spasms, Improving Range of Motion, Poor Circulation, Hand and Wrist Pain.