Cynthia was in severe pain and had to use a cane to walk..

Cynthia was in severe pain and had to use a cane to walk..

Meet our dear patient, Cynthia Andersen.

Cynthia has been under our care for the last 15 years.  From scoliosis to arthritis, headaches, nerve pain, nerve spasms, and an imbalance in her hormones, we have been able to drastically reduce her pain symptoms and improve her quality of life. For that we are grateful!

We have treated Cynthia with a variety of treatments including Regenerative Medicine Therapy Therapy (regenerative medicine injections) for scoliosis, arthritis and nerve pain; Therapeutic Botox for headaches and nerve spasms; and BioT Hormone Therapy to regulate hormone levels.

Cynthia was in severe pain and had to use a cane to walk.  She struggled with pain for years and her normal daily activities were limited because the pain was unbearable. She explains, “Over the years, Dr. Nash has treated me with trigger point injections in my hips as well as back (cervical, thoracic, lumbar) that gave me great relief, Botox shots throughout my back and hips and I’ve had multiple Regenerative Medicine Therapy injections to treat my back problems, arthritic hips and nerve pain. The nerve pain was debilitating. Regenerative Medicine Therapy therapy relieved all of that and made my entire body feel better. Before Regenerative Medicine Therapy therapy, I walked with a cane but after this miraculous therapy I was able to toss the cane.  I was active again, going on vacation and I was able to socialize and enjoy activities with others without fearing the pain. Regenerative Medicine Therapy Therapy worked on my entire body. If I didn’t live it, I would not believe it.  It works amazingly well for me.”

Cynthia is also very pleased with BioT Hormone Therapy. She reports that it relieved her moodiness and hot flashes.

“Hormone therapy saved my life and gave me back the enjoyment of my marriage once again. Hormone therapy ended my menopause for good, both emotionally and physically. Dr. Nash and his P.A., Brianna Randolph, did more to help me than any gynecologist has ever done.  Dr. Nash and Brianna are always researching for new techniques and medicines in the pursuit of answers to a better quality of life for their patients.”

As a longtime patient, Cynthia shares more about her experiences with Dr. Nash and our team: “Dr. Nash has the best bed-side manner, only to be exceeded by his intelligence and determination to find solutions.  Although he has many patients, he constantly makes you feel like you are the only one, always respecting your symptoms and ailments, always searching for the answers to your particular infirmity, never rushing your time with him. I have a list of 30 doctors for various specialties, and Dr. Nash is the best one by far. Out of most of those specialists, Dr. Nash is one of the few doctors who looks to build bridges with other doctors and health clinicians, initiating a working environment where answers in healing their patients can be discovered – what a novel idea! He recommends and works with whoever is the best in their given field of expertise endeavoring to accomplish any ailment his patients may present. He is always in the pursuit of knowledge while remaining one of the humblest of men. And believe me I am NOT the only patient who feels this way! You could fill a stadium with us!

It is vital when discussing this Practice to recognize the front and back office staff as they give life to the office and are so important to EVERY doctor. They are the patient’s first impression of the doctor, and how they deal with each patient makes all the difference in the world. I have left doctors who I have liked because they’ve had a difficult or unfriendly front/back office.  So I have to give tribute to Dr. Nash’s staff as a whole but especially Miss Ms. Ida, the best Nurse in the West and who I know the longest. She is so kind, caring and supportive. Then of course there is Ms. Alba, who is the Dr. Nash’s first impression to a patient. She is such an asset to the Practice and the first ray of sunshine and smiling face that always greets us.  Fortunately for us patients, that sea of smiles continues throughout one’s appointment. Also regarding the staff, on occasion I have needed to call the office after hours (one time on a Saturday!) and had Alejandro (Al) actually answer the phone!  Not only did he provide answers but contacted those needed in order to see my concern through to fruition.  You rarely see service like this in doctor offices anymore. There is no doubt that Dr. Nash has a unique practice and staff.

Lastly, I cannot discuss Dr. Nash’s Practice without mentioning his secret weapon, Mrs. Fatima Nash, OA (Office Angel). She is the final ingredient to this impressive Practice, adding the compassion, stability and life’s wisdom that changes Dr. Nash and Progressive Pain & Rehabilitation from an office to a family!”

– Cynthia Andersen

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