Doctor Resources

Organgenesis Marketing AdvantEdge

We currently offer a physician website (Marketing AdvantEdge) through which you’ll have access to a variety of regenerative medicine patient education tools.  Some items are available free for download, while others are customizable and can be purchased.

The customizable items that are available for purchase are:

  • Patient Education Brochure – The available patient brochure can be customized with the practice’s contact information and contains information that the physician’s patients may want to know regarding Organogenesis’ ReNu® product.
  • Event Mailer – The available event mailer can be customized with specifics regarding a patient educational event hosted by the physician and/or his or her practice and can be mailed directly to prospective attendees.

The items that are available for free are:

  • Online Banner Ads – The available banner ads are free for download and may be used on the physician’s practice website.
  • Website Widgets – The available website widgets are free for download and may be used on the physician’s practice website.
  • Print Ad – The available print ad is free for download and may be used in the practice’s newsletter or journal.
  • ReNu® Poster – The available poster is free, and Organogenesis will print and ship the poster to your physician’s practice.  If this item is selected, the user will be redirected to a new page where he or she will input the desired quantity and shipping information.

How To Get Access

2. Click ‘Sign up here’ on the bottom, right corner of the screen.

3. Complete the Sign Up form with the appropriate information.

4. In the Access Code field, type in Birmingham.

5. Click ‘Sign Up.