Our fast-paced modern way of life is one of the leading causes of increased anxiety and nervousness. We see the results of these issues in our everyday lives when people are unprepared to face their day-to-day problems.

In addition, anxiety and nervousness are cumulative conditions with a tendency to become more severe as we grow older, particularly if they are taken for granted or not addressed adequately. Many factors contribute to these conditions, and they need to be determined in consultation with a medical health specialist. Research has shown that hormone disbalance could be the trigger for these problems in some cases.

Hormones are responsible for many essential functions in our bodies, and they act as communication molecules between our central nervous system and the rest of the body.

Hormone optimization is a long-term therapy process aimed at regaining the hormonal balance, which should help put anxiety and nervousness under control. The procedure is completely safe and involves either the use of medication for hormone regulation or bio-identical hormones.

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