A nerve root block procedure might be the right therapy for you if a nerve is causing you pain to the point where simple daily tasks become difficult. Nerve root block will help diagnose and alleviate your spinal pain. Read this article to learn all about nerve root block and where to receive the best therapies for pain management in The Woodlands, TX.

What is a Nerve Root Block?

A nerve root block is a minimally invasive, non surgical procedure that can be used in a diagnostic way or therapeutic one. This means that it can serve as a test to determine what the source of your pain is, or be the therapy to relieve and eliminate your pain. It is not uncommon for the procedure to be performed while being guided by X-ray, so as to see the area where the nerve exits the spine.

This type of procedure is the right one for patients who are experiencing chronic pain, and for those who have tried other therapies that haven’t delivered the best results for their cases. Nerve root block works by following the path from a single nerve and numbing it.

While this procedure can give long-lasting results, it is not permanent and you may need to repeat the process to continue enjoying its effects.

How Do I Prepare for my Procedure?

If you need to prepare for a nerve root block procedure, you have come to the right place. At Dr. Nash Progressive Pain and Rehabilitation, we strive to make our patients comfortable with the procedures and explain every step of the treatment.

The therapy usually takes about 30 minutes to complete, and may or may not require sedation, depending on the patient. The procedure is administered via injection, which contains local anesthetic so as to numb the nerve. The effect is immediate, and the therapy is considered successful if the patient’s pain dissipates.

The indications before the procedure will include no solid food prior to the procedure, unless indicated otherwise. If you are taking any type of medication, please let your doctor know about your situation so that the professional can evaluate what the best way of treating your pain is.

What Happens During the Actual Procedure?

When you arrive at Progressive Pain and Rehabilitation, our professionals will hand you a consent form and check your vital signs as well as ask some routine questions. Once everything is ready to move forward, you will be lying on your stomach for better access.

Your skin will be numbed and, once ready, the needle will be inserted in the right location using X-ray guidance. Your vitals will be monitored at all times and you will be safe throughout the procedure. You will be given written and oral discharge instructions, and you may go home after the doctor authorizes discharge.

Although a very short procedure which is noninvasive and nonsurgical, it is still recommended that patients take the remainder of the day off to rest for about 24 hours. They can return home immediately afterwards however as it is an out-patient procedure.

Nerve Root Block for Pain Management in The Woodlands, TX

Dr. Nash has extensive experience with nerve root block therapy as well as other procedures that help with pain management, relief and elimination. Live your life pain-free by visiting our office.

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