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Edward A. Nash, M.D.

Dr. Nash is a Houston native with deep roots in the community that provides non-operative, personalized treatment options to patients suffering with acute and chronic pain. Dr. Nash strives to provide compassionate care which begins with listening to the patient.

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Breanna Randolph, P.A.

After graduating from high school in 2006, she went on to graduate with honors, receiving her Bachelor’s of Science in Sports and Exercise Physiology from the University of Oklahoma in December of 2009.

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Patient Stories

Alfonso Lopez

Alfonso Lopez is a fighter in every sense of the word…

A boxer from Huntsville, Texas, he holds the title of ABO International Light Heavyweight Champion and is preparing for his shot for the world title in Galveston.

Alfonso came to see us for weakness and pain in his left shoulder early last year. His left hook was his best punch but he wasn’t able to throw it due to the pain he was experiencing from years overuse and trauma from taking hits as a boxer. As a result, Alfonso had been fighting with only one arm.

His treatment plan included a series of ultrasound guided biologic stem cell injections that allowed us to target the exact source of pain into his left scapula and rotator cuff and blast those areas with growth factors to regenerate the damaged cells and promote natural healing.

Before his first round of stem cell treatment, his punching power was at 50%. We all know that is – no bueno – for a boxer.
▪ After treatment # 1 =》Alfonso was up to 80% power
▪ After treatment # 2 =》Alfonso was up to 95% power

Alfonso felt great! He was back to full punching power without hesitation and without the stress he had been feeling about further injury to his shoulder.

Stay tuned for an update and please feel free to show his some love and wish him luck as he earns his shot at the world title.

Tim Mullings

“Best decision I made is stem cell therapy over surgery!”

My amazing patient, Tim, has been in a lot of pain for a long time. Tim came to see us earlier this year for help with elbow pain and knee pain.

His elbow pain was a result of typical wear and tear from building homes and performing ranch work over the past 10+ years. Swinging a hammer became increasingly unbearable for him. His primary care physician began cortisone steroids injections to help relieve the pain. They helped at first, but the pain kept coming back, worse than before and the cortisone shots became less and less effective.

Recently, Tim developed pain behind the knee from this same work. On a typical day of several trips up and down the ladder, he twerked his knee and has been in pain ever since. Tim really wants to stay active and he usually starts every day with a 3-mile walk – unless pain flares kick in. On those days, he is not able to enjoy his walks and not able to work.

Before he was referred to me, Tim had seen other physicians that told him he needed surgery. A surgeon explained that Tim’s only solution for his elbow was to have surgery, which involved grinding down the elbow to reattach the ligaments, sowing them to the bone, and leaving him in a sling for 8 weeks.

Luckily, Tim was referred to me by a colleague, Dr. Jeffrey Pruski for stem cell treatment. We began with a series of ultrasound-guided injections that allowed me to target the exact source of his pain and blast it with growth factors to regenerate the damaged cells.

Tim reported:

1st Stem Cell Injection: Immediately felt improvement
2nd Stem Cell Injection: 80% relief
3rd Stem Cell Injection: Almost 100% relief

C.J. Fiedorowicz

Thank you, CJ, for trusting me with your recovery journey.

CJ retired from the NFL in March 2018 at the young age of 26. He was the No. 65 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, and unfortunately, had to hang up his spikes due to numerous impairing injuries.

After years of playing professional football, his body has taken, and given, plenty of beatings. CJ came to me with deep pain in both shoulders and knees. CJ received injections of biologic stem cells into both shoulders and both knees to reduce pain sensations and promote healing in these areas.

David Duke

If my story can bring hope to just one person, it is absolutely worth sharing.

I was referred to Dr. Nash after surgery to remove a pilonidal cyst – which is a sac filled with debris and hair that occurs in the area at the top of the crease of the buttocks overlying the tailbone. This cyst and overlying skin in the area became infected, forming a painful abscess. I describe it as the mother of all ingrown hairs on your tailbone that is horribly infected and spreads out like an octopus, eating the bone and nerve tissues. These cysts are notoriously painful and difficult to get rid of.  It made sitting incredibility painful and difficult.

After surgery to remove it, healing was difficult.  The pain was getting worse instead of better – it was not pain from the actual surgery, but nerve pain.  The cyst had damaged my spinal cord. I went to several physicians over the past few years, but none of them knew how to treat this or even where to refer me.

I was finally referred to Dr. Nash by a neurologist that knows his experience and success with regenerative medicine, helping patients in pain, suffering from difficult conditions. After meeting him and a thorough evaluation, I felt very comfortable with the treatment plan he developed for me. Three rounds of ultrasound guided injections of amniotic fluid. After the first round, I seemed noticeably better, which gave me hope.  After the second round, I felt confident that we were making significant improvements and wanted to wean myself off the nerve pain medications that had given me horrible side effects. This was a huge accomplishment for me. My pain level went from consistently being around a 7-9, down to a 2-3. I’m not seeing much of a difference after this last round, but am still hopeful – this may not cure my condition 100%but it has significantly improved it.

I am sharing my experience of this horrific condition that led me to Dr. Nash, and how he has drastically improved my life, when no other doctor was willing or able to help me.  I have done extensive research on pilonidal cysts and read many stories about people feeling hopeless and in fear they will live the rest of their life in debilitating pain – even attempts of suicide.

Leah Moody

THANK YOU, Dr. Nash!

Stemming from an injury at 12 years old, I developed arthritis, had four bulging discs and sciatica. I couldn’t even sleep because the pain was so bad.

I had been to several other doctors, but they just wanted to mask my symptoms. Dr. Nash has been one of the most supportive doctors I have ever had. He’s the only one that said, “Let’s fix it!”…and he did!

Two weeks after my first visit with him, my pain was gone. My quality of life has resumed!

Dr. Nash is world class – always greets me with a smile and a hug. He personally gave me his cell phone and email. He truly wants to help and improve his patients’ lives.

Mark Trumble

Our patient, Mark Trumble is experiencing remarkable progress…

After five back surgeries over the past 20 years, we are so happy to see him finally get relief from the excruciating pain that left him unable to do many things. Mark was very active and spent a lot of time in the gym, swimming, skiing, but he hasn’t been able to enjoy any of these activities for quite some time.  Even simple activities, such as driving a car for too long or taking a business trip on an airplane became very burdensome. He was not able to sleep in a regular bed.  He had a hard time sitting. He couldn’t get comfortable. He wasn’t able to focus because the pain was too much to bear.

“I’ve seen plenty of physicians overs the past 20 years and my entire experience with Dr. Nash was above and beyond anything I have experienced before.  Dr. Nash was extremely understanding throughout the entire evaluation and testing process. He thoroughly explained all of my options, helped me with oral medications appropriately prescribed and together, we decided that biologic stem cell treatment with Botox for spasticity was the best option to help me resume life.

After the first treatment, I saw great improvement within two weeks.  After the third treatment, I began to feel a drastic difference in my pain level and quality of life.  My last series was two weeks ago and I’m amazed at the life changing improvements this treatment has given me. I feel great! I‘ve even planned a ski trip with friends, something I have not been able to enjoy for quite some time.

The procedures were quick and easy, not painful, and no down time.  I simply rested for the remainder of the day.  I go several days without feeling pain and do not need pain medications. No part of medicating or back pain is fun. It can be a very dark place, but Dr. Nash has made life more than tolerable.

Cindy Barrowman

I wish I found Dr. Nash sooner.

Our sweet patient, Cindy Barrowman, suffered from a life-limiting overuse injury of the hands due to a very active lifestyle growing up. Cindy lived with horrible hand pain for the past 20 years. Her hands were constantly in pain and swollen.  Any sort of grasping movement was the worst – picking up a glass, driving, using a key to unlock a door…all of these very simple daily activities became Cindy’s biggest challenge. The pain kept her up a night. To help sleep, she wore hand braces to bed.  During the day, she wore braces for support.

After going to several hand specialists over the years, they all wanted to perform an extremely painful and invasive surgery:  Thumb Trapeziectomy  with Ligament Reconstruction and Tendon Interposition. The surgery is followed by months of painful recovery. Cindy did her research and was not comfortable with the results from others who had this done. Her aunt was one of them and her hands were actually worse off after the surgery.  While researching this procedure, she learned about stem cell therapy and discussed  it with three different hand specialists only to be told by all of them that this would not help her and that surgery was her only option.

Cindy did not want the surgery and settled for steroid injections into the hands, which worked well at first, but this was just a temporary treatment and Cindy needed a long term solution. After a friend referred Cindy to Dr. Nash, she decided to go in for an evaluation to see what he suggested…

“I wish I found Dr. Nash sooner. For the first time in 20 years, my hands look like hands – they are not swollen and I no longer wear braces to bed or during the day. After a series of biologic stem cell injections, I am back to living my life on my terms – I don’t depend on braces to sleep or get me through the day.   I can open doors, pick up a glass, I can drive myself places – all of this was impossible before. My quality of life is drastically improved.

Most importantly, I can now pick up my grandson and play with him.  After seeing how well this treatment worked, naturally when I hurt my ankles and acl, I came to see Dr. Nash.  I truly believe his treatments are cutting edge – I am living proof – I recommend him to everyone everywhere I go.  I want to share my story because I felt the need to get the word out – if you are considering surgery, come see Dr. Nash first. Surgery is not always the only option or the best option. You owe it to yourself to at least learn about stem cell therapy.” – Cindy Barrowman


Meet our lovely patient, Frankie.

Frankie was having severe foot pain but wasn’t sure why.  She did not injury it, she merely was standing on it for several hours during the wedding festivities.  Her foot became swollen and inflamed. She was not able to drive, ride her bike and she had a hard time getting around.  Also having hip pain, Frankie felt very unsteady on her feet. With the addition of her foot pain, she began using a cane because she did not feel safe walking without it.

As of now, Frankie has had four biologic stem cell injections into her foot over a the course of a few weeks.  She was amazed at the drastic improvements with the 2nd and 3rd injections. After the 4th injection, Frankie was back behind the wheel, driving herself around town, riding her bike, and no longer using her cane.  She was able to do her normal activities on her own without depending on her husband for help.

“I am so relieved! I am doing things that I have not been able to do for months! I’m able to work in my yard, ride my bike and drive myself places. I’m back to doing the things I enjoy without nagging pain and discomfort.” –Frankie

Thank you, Frankie, for trusting us with your care. We are so happy that you are back to doing what you enjoy in life!


After 35 years with United Airlines, Victor’s job has taken a toll on his body….

From the physical work of constantly moving heavy luggage and cargo, pain was unbearable for Victor and had affected every part of his body, from his neck and back, to his knees, shoulders and hands. It became really bothersome about seven years ago. Victor tried at home remedies, acupuncture and steroid injections which seemed to help some in the beginning. The pain was too much to bear and Victor knew he needed a long-lasting relief so he could have a normal life again. Victor began researching stem cell therapy and coincidentally, a co-worker who is a patient of Dr. Nash, told him how much he was able to help with stem cell therapy.

Victor came in for an evaluation and testing and we created a personalized treatment plan of biologic stem cell injection therapies designed to target the source of his pain and inflammation. Immediately after Victor’s first injection, he felt like a new man.

“I felt awesome! I couldn’t believe just one injection into my knee and back could alleviate so much pain.  My knee pain was completely gone and my back was at 90% relief. I was amazed and now had hope that I would not live the rest of my life in pain.” – Victor Arambul

Victors has had 6 injections into various part of his body, including his neck, back, both knees and arm.  He has reported that he is now able to sleep through the night and his quality of life has drastically improved, which is why he made an appointment for his wife. Dr. Nash is treating Mrs. Arambul for hip bursitis and she too is now able to sleep through the night and is pain free.

Thank you, Victor, for trusting us with your care.  We are so pleased to see how well you are doing and feeling now.