Chronic pain affects the quality of your life and can make even the simplest tasks more challenging. However, dealing with chronic pain is not always easy. Many people try countless treatment approaches before discovering an appropriate solution to their problem. Some don’t even manage to find it, and they settle on making the pain more tolerable.

A nerve root block is a non-invasive treatment that seeks to resolve pain originating from one of the spinal nerves with a chemical agent. The numbing compound is administered via injection, reducing inflammation in the affected area and stopping the problematic nerve from sending signals to the brain. That provides almost immediate pain relief that can last a long time.

Read on to discover the top five benefits of nerve root blocks and where to get appropriate pain management in the Woodlands, TX, area.

You Can Feel the Effects Almost Immediately

One of the main advantages of nerve root blocks is that they act quickly. Patients report feeling significant relief only 30 minutes after the injection, but it varies from person to person.

Even if the procedure isn’t successful and the pain doesn’t subside, it simply means that the nerve in question wasn’t the cause of pain. So, it can help doctors provide a more accurate diagnosis.

Nerve Root Blocks Provide Long-Term Relief

Although some people experience permanent pain relief after a nerve block, that’s not the case for most patients. The procedure usually produces effects for several months, after which it needs to be repeated. 

Studies typically report that around 50% of patients experience significant pain relief six months after the procedure. However, for some conditions, it can be as much as 70% one year after the treatment, or even longer.

There Is Minimal Downtime

A medical professional can inject a nerve root block in a matter of minutes in an outpatient setting. So, the procedure is quick, and so is the recovery. You’ll be able to continue with the rest of your day as planned.

However, the doctor will still recommend you to take the day off and avoid work and strenuous activities. You’ll also need to apply ice to the injection site.

The Procedure Is Safe

In addition to a numbing agent responsible for blocking nerve pain, the injection also contains a local anesthetic to help with the pain. So, you shouldn’t feel pain and discomfort during the injection, only pressure.

Side effects are rare and subside within hours or days. You can experience soreness, rash, bleeding, elevated blood sugar, extra energy, and itching.

Nerve Root Blocks Can Help With Many Conditions

Many conditions affect the spine, and nerve root blocks can make them more manageable by easing the pain. For example, they are a good treatment option for low back pain, neck pain, and middle back pain caused by damaged or irritated nerves.

Nerve root blocks can help with slipped discs, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and other conditions.

Where to Get a Nerve Root Block in Woodlands, TX?

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We offer many innovative treatment solutions, including nerve root blocks. Feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our experts and discover whether this treatment is right for you.