If you are experiencing arthritis, you know that it can be a painful experience and make life difficult. Arthritis is something that can be caused by many different reasons. Arthritis occurs when the body’s joints become inflamed and stiffen. There are many different ways to help prevent the effects of arthritis. Doctors can help with arthritis through anti-inflammatory medications, but these sometimes are not the best option for an individual. With this in mind, here are five natural ways that you can combat arthritis build up in your body.

1. Exercise

Exercise is always a must when it comes to preventing or limiting joint pain caused by arthritis. Regular exercise helps with arthritis in two main ways. The first of these is weight loss. Your weight has effects on your joints. Being overweight puts more stress on your joints, causing them to wear out faster. The second benefit of exercise is the fact that the constant motion keeps your joints smooth and flexible. There are different opinions on which activities are the best for keeping your joints healthy. The best exercises to prevent arthritis are low-impact exercises such as swimming. Either way, maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise will have a positive impact on arthritis.

2. Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot and cold therapy is a standard treatment for arthritis. Hot therapy treatment is for long term health in your joints. The heat helps relieve built-up stress in the joints. Spending some time using hot pads or warm baths can have a significant impact on your arthritis pain relief.

Cold therapy treatment is for quick relief. Using cold packs helps to relieve the swelling that joints experience after exercise or movement. Using these two treatments is an effective, natural way to prevent arthritis.

3. Dietary Changes

Arthritis can be directly correlated to what an individual eats. Specific diets are better for preventing arthritis. There are some additions to any diet that can have positive benefits. One of these additions is the right fatty acids. Omega-3 is a common fatty acid that is used to supplement diets. The most common way to get enough omega-3 is through fish oil pills. Another common fatty acid is called gamma-linolenic acid. Gamma-linolenic acid can be purchased as a supplement to your diet. 

4. Massages and Yoga

These two practices are great ways to maintain healthy joints. Many studies have shown that regular massages on joints have had positive results when it comes to arthritis. Massages help to work out joint stiffness. Yoga is a combination of so many great ways to decrease arthritis. Yoga provides an excellent, low-impact form of moving joints and keeping them flexible. Yoga takes care of the exercise needed for healthy joints. With this benefit, yoga also has a meditation component to it that has proved beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. These two practices are great ways to begin combating arthritis pain. 

5. Natural Remedies

Lastly, one very natural way to combat arthritis pain is through natural remedies. What comes to mind with this strategy is topical gels and essential oils. Topical gels that can be applied directly to joints have been used for quite some time but still provide positive benefits. These topical gels work to provide instant relief and reduce inflammation in the joints. Essential oils are starting to become a popular household remedy. Many of these essential oils can be used like topical gels and be applied to joints to combat arthritis pain. 

Using these tips and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the best natural steps that one can take to combat arthritis pain. These tips are proven strategies that help prevent arthritis. If your arthritis is excruciating and not able to be managed, then it is important to contact a professional to get the help needed.