When the term epidural injection is mentioned, most people think of women giving birth. And, many women that received epidural injection during labor cannot imagine the whole experience without it. The same goes for patients that used epidural injections to treat their back pain.

There are three major types of epidural injections, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. As their names vividly explain, they are used to treat pain issues stemming from individual regions of the spine. People who suffer from middle-back pain will undergo a thoracic epidural treatment. Patients with lower back and leg pain will benefit from lumbar epidural injections, while those suffering from upper-back, neck, and arms pain will benefit from cervical epidural injections.

Epidural injections are successfully used to treat back pain that originates from many spinal related issues, inflammation, herniated discs, spinal nerve damage, and sciatica. They cannot permanently treat those underlying conditions, but injections provide more effective and durable treatment than other painkillers. Unlike other medications, they are directly injected into the source of the pain and thus far superior in bringing pain relief.

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