There are two major types of spinal nerve pain, lumbar nerve pain, and brachial neuralgia. The former can spread anywhere from the lower back to feet while the latter manifests in the neck and along the arms. Both can vary from mild to severe, all the way to partial or complete inability to move either or both limbs. Here is how nerve root block can help in these situations.

Nerve root block is a non-invasive procedure that has proven to be very successful in providing long-lasting pain relief. A local anesthetic is injected directly into the nerve. The goal is to numb the nerve and provide long-lasting pain relief and reduce the inflammation of the area around the section of the spinal nerve that causes pain.

Although the nerve root block provides long-term pain relief in both cases of spinal nerve pain, the effect of the therapy is not permanent. The causes of spinal nerve pain can be various, including arthritis, herniated discs, spinal injury, infection, and more. Permanent pain relief can only be achieved by successfully addressing these underlying conditions.

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