There is no doubt that Botox is a familiar term nowadays. The first and usually only association when people hear it is facial beauty treatments. On the other hand, people are rarely aware of Botox use for other therapeutic purposes. So, what health benefits does Botox treatment bring?

Therapeutic Botox use provides entirely different benefits compared to cosmetic use. It doesn’t target wrinkles and skin imperfections, but muscle spasms. The results are based on the ability of Botox to block nerve signals responsible for muscle contractions temporarily. These signal blocks are followed by pain and tension relief and the elimination of spasms.

Botox has shown significant therapeutic implementation in chronic migraines, strabismus or misaligned eyes, and cervical dystonia, characterized by severe spasms in the shoulder and neck area. Furthermore, it helps with conditions such as uncontrolled blinking, cases of overactive bladder, and post-stroke upper limb spasticity.

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