For those people who suffer from any medical condition that produces diverse ranges of pain and are tired of always receiving the same conventional treatments, which are expensive, have several secondary effects and, in the end, can only improve the symptoms, but not cure the cause, regenerative medicine may be an excellent option to consider.

Read this article to learn about Regenerative Medicine in The Woodlands, Texas.

Regenerative medicine is known as the set of therapeutic techniques or therapies that rely on the patient’s own biological material, or cells and tissues from different parts of the body, in order to obtain relief, improvement, or cure of a certain medical condition, especially those that produce pain, which can be very disabling.

Through the specific administration of these biological compounds, after they are properly prepared, of course, the repair and regeneration of the damaged tissues are sought, not only improving their condition, but also rejuvenating them to recover their functionality.

In recent years, regenerative medicine has become an effective alternative against painful pathologies caused by neurological, muscular, and articular conditions, that is, conditions pertaining to the entire locomotor system, including:

  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Chondropatias and osteochondritis.
  • Ligament injuries of the knee or other joints.
  • Ligamentoplasties.
  • Muscle and tendon injuries.
  • Poor bone consolidation.
  • Implantation of joint prosthesis.

The therapies belonging to regenerative medicine can be effective options not only in patients over 50 years of age, who are usually the most affected by this type of medical condition, but also in people who play sports and require the treatment. The best thing about this process is that there is no need for surgery or hospitalization, a visit to our Regenerative Treatment Clinic In The Woodlands will give you the proper path to recovery.

The regenerative approach has the advantage of not having the risk of tissue rejection since biological material belonging to the same patient is being used. Through this method, other more invasive treatments can be avoided or delayed, significantly improving the patients’ quality of life. We provide this type of advanced regenerative orthopedics in The Woodlands, TX at the Progressive Pain & Rehabilitation offices.

By scheduling an appointment with experts like Dr. Edward A. Nash over at Progressive Pain & Rehabilitation and our Regenerative Medicine Center in the Woodlands, Texas, we can make you return to your daily activities in the shortest possible time through the application of preventative and regenerative care techniques that will give you the boost your body needs to heal itself and be capable of face everything in its way.

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