We know that suffering from shoulder pain can be very debilitating, affecting day-to-day at different levels. That is why at Dr. Nash´s Progressive Pain and Rehabilitation, we are committed with providing preventative and regenerative care to those patients suffering from this medical condition by applying diverse treatment options thanks to the experience of experts like Dr. Edward A. Nash, a Houston native with deep roots in the community.

Therefore, without further ado, here are some great therapeutic methods for you to consider if you have shoulder pain:

  • Growth factors. It consists of administering a local injection of a prepared solution of growth factors, which are naturally produced proteins that are able to positively influence cellular differentiation and proliferation, enhancing cellular growth.
  • Myofascial trigger point injection. Shoulder pain does not happen due to an articular dysfunction, instead, it may have a muscular origin produced by a fall, overuse, or an exaggeration of the joint range of motion, leading to the appearance of tight muscular knots, also known as trigger points. This technique specifically focuses on these by injecting a solution to relieve the pain directly into them.
  • 100% pure Regenerative Medicine Therapy. Although not containing living Regenerative Medicine Therapy, this processed solution contains a wide range of natural and regenerative elements, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, cytokines, etc., that have the ability to help cellular regeneration, improve tissue repair, and reduce inflammation.
  • Nerve root block. This is a noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure based on the injection of a numbing anesthetic solution into the nerve that is producing the shoulder pain. After identifying the affected nerve through a physical examination or an x-ray, the solution is injected, experiencing pain relief in a matter of minutes or even seconds. This also helps to reduce the inflammation process surrounding the lesion.
  • Regenerative Medicine Injections. Normally produced by Regenerative Medicine Therapy, these extracellular vesicles serve a function of transportation and communication of genetic data between cells. By securing these processes, they also secure the healing mechanism carried out by the cells, improving, at the same time, the natural ability of the body to repair itself. By injecting these into the affected area, Regenerative Medicine Therapy´ job of regenerating the tissue is guaranteed.

By scheduling an appointment with us over at Dr. Nash´s Progressive Pain and Rehabilitation, we can make you return to your daily activities in the shortest possible time by applying a wide range of conservative treatment options, so you can avoid more invasive and risky interventions and its long periods of recovery.

So, schedule your appointment here and you will receive the proper attention your case requires.

For more information about shoulder pain, the various therapies capable of treating it, and so much more, contact us at 346-220-8063. Our team of experts based in the luxuriously planned community of The Woodlands, TX, will be available during working hours to answer all your inquiries and support you in your path to wellness.