Formed by the humerus, scapula, and collar bone, and supported by a series of muscles and tendons, the shoulder is a great joint that allows us to have a wide range of motion while using our arms as an extension of our bodies. However, this great flexibility sometimes is affected either because of overuse syndromes or injuries, leading to different degrees of shoulder pain.

That is why we, at Dr. Nash´s Progressive Pain and Rehabilitation, are committed to providing preventative and regenerative care to those patients suffering from medical conditions that generate shoulder pain through diverse therapeutic techniques thanks to the experience of experts such as Dr. Edward A. Nash, a Houston native with deep roots in the community.

After doing a complete medical history and performing the corresponding physical examination, the reason that caused the shoulder pain can be diagnosed and properly treated, whether it might be due to a bursitis, meaning the inflammation of the small, fluid-filled sac located inside the joint, to the splitting and tearing of the rotator cuff tendon, to an arthritis process developed by constant wear and tear, or due to another condition.

This being said, traditional treatment options include the application of cold packs, use of compressive bandages, consumption of anti-inflammatory medication or opioid pain drugs, or the practice of physical therapy and gentle exercise. More serious cases are usually managed through surgical procedures.

However, while a portion of the patients submitted to these therapeutic methods improves shoulder pain intensity, a big portion still remains unhealed and dealing with severe side effects that aggravate the symptomatology.

This is why professional healthcare providers are applying regenerative medicine techniques to solve many musculoskeletal conditions, shoulder pain included. By letting the body heal itself with the help of its own elements, this recent medical application has gained a lot of attention, especially around its two main therapies:

  • Regenerative Medicine Therapy therapy, a technique based in the administration of a processed solution of Regenerative Medicine Therapy into the shoulder joint to promote the patient´s capacities of replacing the damaged cells with healthy ones, boosting chondrogenesis and the quick reduction of inflammatory and pain processes.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, which consists of administering a local injection of a concentrated solution of platelets, growth factors, signaling molecules, and other proteins that promote chondral regeneration and the reduction of pain and inflammation, accelerating the healing process.

By scheduling an appointment with us over at Dr. Nash´s Progressive Pain and Rehabilitation, we can make you return to your daily activities in the shortest possible time through diverse regenerative therapies, so you can avoid more invasive and risky interventions and its long periods of recovery.

So, schedule your appointment here and you will receive the proper attention your case requires.

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